Welcome to NASSC Team Manager page

In order to ensure you have the information you need to successfully manage your team, we will provide materials for team managers here.

In general, Team Managers will need to:

  • Manage the team roster by inviting and ensuring each TEAM MEMBER (managers, coaches, and players) accepts the invitation and completes the registration questions.
  • Verify the date of birth of all players, making sure each is eligible for the division the team is participating in. Proof of age may be required by NASSC during the event.
  • Be aware of all deadlines and follow additional information provided to team managers. See Event Details for more.
  • Communicate game schedules to your team members before and during the event. Final schedules will be available online June 5, 2020. Schedules posted prior to this date are considered preliminary and are subject to change.


  • Only rostered team members will be allowed on the player-side of the pitch at any time (subject to the 2 non-player limit).  Team members, or “participants”, include the players as well as coach(es) and manager(s).
  • Youth teams must have a Team Manager and/or Coach at least 25 years of age listed on the roster and present during all games. 
  • Violent or abusive behavior or language will not be tolerated.  


Thank you for all you do for your team – we appreciate you!



  • Event Details (age groups, competition levels, and more) – click here
  • Adding Team Members (players, coaches, and managers) – quick tips
  • FAQs – click here for answers to common questions


Most participants will have completed the required Release & Waiver of Liability and agreed to the Code of Conduct when they completed individual registration online through their own Event Connect dashboard.  The quick tips above will assist managers trying to determine whether any player, coach, or manager has not yet registered.

  • Any participant who has not completed the questions online prior to the roster lock date must download and complete the above two forms.
  • In-person team check-in will be required for teams with participants completing hard-copy forms.