Welcome to NASSC Team Manager page

In order to ensure you have the information you need to successfully manage your team, we will provide materials for team managers here.

In general, Team Managers will need to:

  •  Manage the team roster by inviting players and coaches
  • Verify the date of birth of all players and other eligibility criteria are met for the  division the team is participating in.  Proof of age may be requested by NASSC during the event.
  • Be aware of all deadlines and follow additional information provided to team managers.
  • Players will complete waivers and agreements online – from your dashboard, you can see who has done their part to join the official roster.
  • Communicate game schedules to your team members before and during the event. Final schedules will be available online June 9, 2023.  Schedules posted prior to this date are considered preliminary and are subject to change.
  • Be familiar with the resources below and check back regularly because we’ll be adding information as the event nears.
Manager Resources
  • 2023 Hotels are availableclick here. Room blocks for subsequent years are made available before the current year’s event.
  • Emergency – Weather – Reminders (2022) – know before you go- click here
  • Participant Understanding and Agreements (2022) – the following documents are for reference only.  DO NOT PRINT.
  • 2023 Dates & Deadlines click here
  • 2023 Event Details (age groups, competition levels, and much more) – click here
  • About EventConnect
    • Login URL: https://app.eventconnect.io/login – team members login with their own email address as input by the team manager — every team member has their own dashboard and login
    • Using the team manager dashboard view manager video  managers’ and coaches dashboard
    • Using the player dashboard – view player video to locate your registration questions (players’ dashboards differ slightly from the manager and coach dashboard; 00:35s-00:55s of the manager dashboard video will help players navigate from the login landing page to the dashboard specific to a team).
    • Copying the “Invite Team Member” link and later using it to logon will NOT work if the player has already been added to the team.
    • Account Settings – all participants should keep their account profile to make sure emergency information can reach them during the event. NASSC does not sell your personal information. Update email, phone, passwords, and notification settings here.
  • 2022 Team Manager Guide  more tips & troubleshooting hints – click here
  • Adding Team Members – save time, START HERE
    • Adding a team member to your team creates the unofficial roster only.
    • “Team member” includes every manager, coach, and player – each one must appear on the roster to participate.
    • To be added to the official roster held by NASSC, all team members must complete individual registration materials online (open May 1) before rosters lock.
    • Mobile devices not recommended for registration materials
    • Date formats are YYYY-MM-DD (or use the pop-up calendar if provided)
    • More troubleshooting tips in the Team Manager Guide
  • Event FAQsclick here – your team members will find these useful as well.
  • Rules posted may be from the previous year pending approval of current year’s rules.
  • Fields map  – our field locations are subject to change following a late-spring beach survey and current registrations. 
  • Online Team Check-In – (May 27 – June 4) – this checklist will help you prepare before you log on to check your team in.
    • All teams MUST check-in online
    • Teams may not check-in until all team members complete online registration materials
    • No in-person check-in.
    • NASSC Official Roster will only include the coaches, managers, and players who have fully completed their individual registrations.
  • Emergency – Weather – Reminders (2022) – know before you go- click here



Go to the “MANAGE TEAM” section of your team dashboard.

Any team member with any of the following icons showing like these has NOT completed registration materials:

1654449111.jpgnor 1654449151.jpgnor 1654449186.jpg

The icons above indicate team member registration is NOT complete and this team member will not be included on the official roster.

If a team member needs to complete materials, they too should log in to EventConnect, go to their team dashboard and complete materials no later than 7PM SUNDAY, JUNE 6.


  • Mobile App
    • Useful for checking schedules during the event and receiving urgent and emergency messaging during the event.
    • the app is NOT for building your roster, editing team information, or participant registration. You must login to EventConnect to manage rosters, registrations, and hotels
    • EventConnect profiles must be updated with current email address and phone in order to receive communications.
    • Available for IOS and Android
Manager News
  • Deadlines Apply

    All events have deadlines … ours is no different.

    See Event Details, linked below.

  • Contacting NASSC

    Always include full team name, age group, and gender with your inquiries. We're happy to help! Info@sandsoccer.com


  • Team members, or “participants”, include the players as well as coach(es) and manager(s).
  • Only registered team members will be allowed on the player-side of the pitch at any time (subject to the 2 non-player limit).
  • Youth teams must have a Team Manager and/or Coach at least 25 years of age listed on the roster and present during all games.
  • Violent or abusive behavior or language will not be tolerated.
  • “Roster Is Full” message

    If you are getting this messaging but are certain you do not have too many players refer to the Troubleshooting section of the Team Manager Guide.

  • Players’ Registration Materials

    If the team members you have added to your team have misplaced the original invitation email, fear not.  Ask them to log into EventConnect using the same email the manager used when adding the team member.  Also, the video link for player dashboards is a helpful tool to share with your players. The links to these tools and resources are to the left.

  • Team Manager Guide

    Be sure to review this guide before building your team to save yourself time and frustration. You’ll find the link under the resources on the left.

  • Is your manager or coach also a player?

    Save time by using the handy chart, “Adding Team Members”.

  • Ineligible Player Error Message

    A common cause of “player ineligible” messages when adding a team member is the formatting used for the birthdate.  See “Troubleshooting” in the Team Manager Guide.