The 2018 Ferguson North American Sand Soccer Championships are most grateful to our many outstanding participants, volunteers, sponsors, advertisers, vendors, and military affiliates. Each organization and individual has clearly demonstrated a belief in the importance of sport in our community, supporting the positive development of youth and adult soccer enthusiasts.

With 83 divisions and over 1,000 teams, this was certainly a stellar year! Congratulations to all the teams that won in their division! 

The 2018 NASSC Results:

70Mens U.S. OpenMaryzillians7Great Lakes Beach Soccer5
70Bronze MedalRWB Select5HRSC Elite3
85Womens Open EliteShoreline BSC8MD BSC1
01Boys U8 SandVAR SoE U8B Copa5Midlothian Sandsharks1
02Boys U9 SandTsunami4Lightning1
03Boys U9 SeaBallers4Makos0
04Boys U10 SandOrange Fire 10B3CSC Wave Wreckers2
05Boys U10 SeaSand Sharks4Lavale FC Sharks3
06Boys U10 SunVA Land Sharks4VB City0
07Boys U11 SandChurchland Challenegers8CSL Strikers0
08Boys U11 SeaThunder4Williamsburg Whalers3
09Boys U11 SunBeach Invaders4Swag Dogs1
10Boys U12 SandShorebreak Sand Sharks4Sand Sharks1
11Boys U12 SeaMad Fish6Real Sand Sharks4
12Boys U12 ShellBeach United3VA Rush 06B Blue2
13Boys U12 SunHighlanders6Richmond Kazam0
14Boys U13 SandBeach FC Stingrays2Shorebreak Sharks1
15Boys U13 SeaRVA Rapids5Richmond Strikers0
16Boys U13 ShellLC United5AFC05B011
17Boys U13 SunNeptune Ninjas2Beach FC Red City1
19Boys U14 SandHoney Badgerz3VA Beach Sand Srikers0
20Boys U14 SeaBeach Bums4AUFC04B3
21Boys U14 ShellSandy Balls5Rockets3
22Boys U14 SunTidewater Sharks3U14 Culpeper Comet Boys1
23Boys U14 SurfRushian Invaders5Sand Storm II4
24Boys U15 SandDFC 038Black Mambas2
25Boys U15 SeaSand Storm7T&G Sundowns6
26Boys U15 SunBFC Sounders6Fusion1
27Boys U16/17 SandLegends3United2
28Boys U16 SeaShark Bait1Richmond Riot0
29Boys U16 SunRichmond Rage5Tormenta De Arena2
32Boys U17 SandRVA Savages5Bleach Soccer3
33Boys U17 ScubaVB FC3Haboob2
34Boys U18/19 SeaGrizzly Gang3Knights0
35Boys U18/19 ShellDolphins3No Excuses2
36Boys U18/19 SunMan Chest Hair United3Sand Huners0
37Boys U18/19 SurfSweat Team3Celtic2
40Girls U9 SandMidlo Flash9Beach FC Flames0
41Girls U9 SeaSand Sharks3Dolphins1
42Girls U10/11 SandBeach Griffins3U10 Fury1
43Girls U10 SeaPatriots 20083Blue Crush2
44Girls U11 SeaRVA Storm5SCAA 07 She Crabs Blue2
45Girls U11 SunRush Wave3Sand Storm1
46Girls U12 SandNorfolk Fury4Rockets3
47Girls U12 SeaSandstorm1Savage Seagulls0
48Girls U12 SunRip Gurls2Brysea 06 Girls1
49Girls U13 SandRockets 054Beach FC Storm A1
50Girls U13 SeaHamm6Phoenix1
51Girls U13 SunSand Storm2Quicksand0
52Girls U14 SandFire Cats Blue1Spirit U14G USA0
53Girls U14 SeaRiptides1Blue Wave0
54Girls U14 ShellThe Orcas2Thunder1
55Girls U14 SunLucky3Sand Storm2
56Girls U15 SandKecoughtan5Sandy Stirkers1
57Girls U15 SeaTeam Wave5Lady Arsenal0
58Girls U15 ShellHoney Badgers4Richmond Strikers Elite Black1
59Girls U15 SunDeja Blue4SYC Pride Blue0
60Girls U16/17 SeaMisfits3Riptide FC2
61Girls U16 SandAvengers4Blueberries2
62Girls U16 SunBeach Ya!4Salty B's1
63Girls U17 SeaGreen Extreme4Beach Bangerz3
64Girls U17 SunX-Treme Orange2RVA Hurricanes0
65Girls U18/19 SandLady Cavs2Pickles1
66Girls U18/19 SunTough Beaches4The Last Wave1
72Mens College SeaSand Sacs5Clayton Daffron1
73Mens College SunABCDE FC4LCS0
74Mens Open SandAC Manor El Gringo3Baystars1
76Mens Open SunGuess We're Doing This6Nads1
75Mens Open SeaCrazy Gang3T.C. United2
77Mens Open SurfAllfirst8Victor Weeks2
78Mens Over 30Blessed Boys4Tidal Smiles Pediatric Dentistry3
79Mens Over 401970 VA Beach Soccer Club Sting4Shorebreak0
80Womens CollegeFlying Monkeys1Ya-ya's0
81Womens Open SandGoal Fish2Red Devils1
82Womens Open SeaCool Runnings4River Rowdies1
83Womens Over 30ABCDE FC3Tymers2
84Womens Over 40Originials3Cougars1
90Coed Open SandDolls & Balls4Dream Team1
91Coed Open SailInternationals3Janglin Jaunts1
92Coed Open SeaScoregasms3Misfits2
93Coed Open ShellTusken Raiders5Team Baja3
94Coed Open SunFutbol Arte3Staylor2
95Coed Open SurfFuego3Big Bue2
96Coed Over 30Joes Garbage6D'Feeters1
97Coed HS SandBall Busters7S.W.E.A.T. 3.04
98Coed HS SeaB Dubs5Kempsville Cheeks3
99Coed HS SunWB Bad Beaches2Bad Beaches1