The 2019 Ferguson North American Sand Soccer Championships are most grateful to our many outstanding participants, volunteers, sponsors, advertisers, vendors, and military affiliates. Each organization and individual has clearly demonstrated a belief in the importance of sport in our community, supporting the positive development of youth and adult soccer enthusiasts.

Congratulations to all the teams that won in their division! 

The 2019 NASSC Results:

Division NumberDivision NameWinnerRunner-Up
Division 01Boys U8 SandHammerheadsBFC Sabaneta 2011/12
Division 02BoysU8 SeaSand SharksBFC Itagui 2011/2012
Division 03Boys U9 SandSmashBeach Boys
Division 04Boys U9 SeaSand SharksRVA Land Sharks
Division 05Boys U10 SandHornetsStrikers
Division 06Boys U10 SeaSouth East StikersMakos
Division 07Boys U10 SunBallersRVA Strikers
Division 08Boys U11 SandWolverines OrangeSand Scorpions
Division 09Boys U11 SeaSharksAvengers
Division 10Boys U11 SunFBS FCRVA Ballers
Division 11Boys U12 SandFusionRaptors
Division 12Boys U12 SeaHooligansVAR 07B Nero
Division 13Boys U12 SunEast Coast Football ClubAnchormen
Division 14Boys U13 SandShorebreak SharksCulpeper Riptides
Division 15Boys U13 SeaBarca 21Sand Squirrels
Division 16Boys U13 SunBeach BallersVA Rush 06 Riptide
Division 17Boys U14 SandVA Beach Rovers FCShorebreak Sharks
Division 18Boys U14 SeaBeach AmigosBeach Boyz
Division 19Boys U14 SunRVA RapidsSand Slingers
Division 20Boys U14 SurfNeptune Ninjas05 Va Rush
Division 21Boys U15 SandBull SharksGoal Diggers
Division 22Boys U15 SeaSand DevilsMambas
Division 23Boys U15 SunArsenal FCSand Demons
Division 24Boys U15 SurfBest WesternRUSHian InVAders
Division 25Boys U16 SandWarriors UnitedBad Kicks
Division 26Boys U16 SeaStingRVA Sandstorm Kickers
Division 27Boys U16 SunKa Pipip PipiTSA
Division 28Boys U17 SandBull IslandUnited FC
Division 29Boys U17 SeaFine ChinaThe Dads
Division 30Boys U17 SunBingersForza Magica
Division 31Boys U18/19 Sand21 SavageGrizzly Gang
Division 32Boys U18/19 SeaCulpeper Comets BlackHallow Dere
Division 33Boys U18/19 SunAmigos01RVA Savages
Division 34Boys U18/19 SurfTeam DIMAIGSon of Beaches
Division 40Girls U9 SandVA Rush BlueRVA Black Pearls
Division 41Girls U9 SeaRVA GLOSSSYC Pride Orange
Division 42Girls U10 SandSOCA U10 Sky BlueU10 Sparks
Division 43Girls U10 SeaSandSharksThe Kicks
Division 44Girls U11 SandBeach FC 08G Black CobrasLady Devil Rays
Division 45Girls U11 SeaU11 Midlo FlashRip Chicks
Division 46Girls U12 SandVA Rush FusionBeach FC G07 Tornadoes
Division 47Girls U12 SeaSCAA Tropical Storm PurpleSCAA Tropical Storm Blue
Division 48Girls U12 SunSandstormRush Wave
Division 49Girls U13SandIron MaidensStorm
Division 51Girls U13 SeaRip GurlsVB City Neptune
Division 52Girls U14 SandSmithfield InfernoBinswanger Storm A
Division 53Girls U14 SeaBeach BumsC-Pep Beach Bums
Division 54Girls U14 SunSand StormRipCurls RVA
Division 55Girls U15 SandFirecats(Blue)Firecats (Red)
Division 56Girls U15 SeaLibertadKickers
Division 57Girls U15 SunLuckySandstorm
Division 58Girls U16 SandUnitedSand Strikers
Division 59Girls U16 SeaGrizzliesQuicksand
Division 60Girls U16 SunDeja BlueHoney Badgers
Division 61Girls U17 SandRiptide FCMisfits
Division 62Girls U17 SeaWaverunnersHerricanes
Division 63Girls U17 SunVybe TribeVa Legacy Girls
Division 64Girls U18/19 SandAloha BeachesNot Fast Just Furious
Division 65Girls U18/19 SeaParticipation SquadGrizzly Beaches
Division 66Girls U18/19 SurfRVA HurricanesToes In The Water
Division 67Coed High School SandBall BustersFSU FC
Division 68Coed High School SeaDoresWB Bad Beaches
Division 70Men's College SandABCDE FCSand Jobs
Division 71Men'sCollege SeaThe Billy RaysBlackwatch
Division 72Men's Colege SunAlcobolicsi2i-landlock Bug Boys
Division 73Men's Open SandLAM SquadValhalla
Division 74Men's Open SeaNorfolk UnitedOVFC
Division 75Men's Open SunBanana Hammocks and ChillJUPS
Division 76Men's Open SurfVA Men's ClubHat Trick Heroes
Division 77Mens Over 30 SandShamrocksMerica FC: Bars
Division 78Mens Over 30 SeaWISC UnitedSandy Balls
Division 79Men's Over 40 Sand40 Year Old VirginsWISC United
Division 80Women's College SandXplosionYa-Ya's
Division 81Women's Open SandBack That's Pass UpBig Booty Pirates
Division 82Women's Over 30 SandFemale UnicornsOld Tymers
Division 83Women's Over 40 SandThe OriginalsFireballs
Division 90Coed Open SandFam BamTuskin Raiders
Division 91Coed Open ScubaAbusement ParkReal Matits FC
Division 92Coed Open SeaNot Fast, Just FuriousInternationals
Division 93Coed Open ShellFuegoThe Sea Men
Division 94Coed Open SunSober Sand SharksKyle and Friends
Division 95Coed Open SurfBig BlueDaddy Day Care
Division 96Coed Over 30 SandPK's and IPA'sBarely Legal