Get Ready to Kick It On the Sand!

This extraordinary tournament unfolds on more than a mile and a half of sand, creating the perfect backdrop for a thrilling soccer showdown. Thousands of enthusiastic boardwalk spectators gather here to soak up the electric atmosphere, enjoying music, and savoring delectable food offerings. As the sun sets on the day’s matches, both participants and fans alike can revel in the resort’s remarkable lineup of regional entertainment. With 66 fields spread across the venue, including two pro stadiums, there’s a lot to explore and discover.

The tournament’s epicenter is the main stadium located on 28th street, surrounded by a bustling Vendor Village. The map below will be your trusty companion, guiding you to the specific field locations organized by age group. Whether you’re a player or a spectator, this field map is your key to unlocking all the excitement and action at the North American Sand Soccer Championships. Get ready for a memorable experience on the sun-soaked sands!

Below is the 2024 Fields Map. The NASSC layout is always subject to change.