The North American Sand Soccer Championships have integrated the industry’s leading tournament management system, EventConnect, for our 2023 event. One of the many things this technology manages is all overnight accommodations for traveling teams. Our pre-negotiated tournament hotels will ensure that all participants are receiving our best group rates, amenities, cancellation protections and service.

This is a Stay-to-Play event. As a condition of participation, we ask that all hotel activity take place on this network, which will provide the best experience possible.

Don't wait for team registration to open.  You may book your hotel prior to registering a team.  We'll have hotels for our next event before the current year's event comes to a close.

If needed, the EventConnect support team can be contacted within the system through online chat, email ( and phone (1-888-723-2064).

You may reserve hotels now -- even before team registration opens!

Hint: book rooms using an email already associated with your EventConnect profile. New to EventConnect? Welcome! Book a room using the same email address you'll ask your team manager to use when adding you to a team.

If you have blocked rooms before registration opens or before registering a team and need to make changes to your block (add rooms, remove rooms, extend hold time), please contact EventConnect Customer Support at or 1-888-723-2064.


To help plan your hotel reservations, the below is an expected field layout for 2023 NASSC. Unless Mother Nature rearranges the oceanfront over the winter or team applications dictate, we expect to situate fields approximately as follows:

  • U08-U10 Boys and U08-U10 Girls -- 26th - 28th Streets
  • U11-U12 Boys and U11-U12 Girls -- 22nd - 26th Streets
  • U13-U14 Boys and U13-U14 Girls -- 20th - 22nd Streets
  • High School Boys and High School Girls -- 15th - 19th Streets
  • Adults Coed -- 29th - 34th Streets
  • U.S. OPEN and Stadium --  28th - 29th Streets
  • Tournament Headquarters -- 16th, 18th, 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, 30th, 33rd Streets