In addition to answers to common questions below, participants (players, managers, and coaches) should review Event Details.

A. Divisions – Competition Levels – Rules

In accordance with US Youth Soccer Youth our youth age groups are built according to birth year. Adult age groups are also available. Age divisions are found under Event Details

Our competition levels have changed. You will find a description of each in Event Details

Yes, youth players may play in older age groups (see rules). However, when registering your child for an older team, for your child’s safety, please keep in mind the child’s skill and size in relationship to the players in the age group in which he/she wishes to play nosso site.

Based on demand, we do not have youth (U8-U18/19) coed divisions with the exception of our High School Coed division. However, coed youth teams wishing to participate may register in a boys division and roster girls on the team without being subject to a minimum number of females. Girls may play on boys teams; boys may NOT play on girls teams

Coed High School and Coed Adult teams must have minimum of three females (four recommended) on the roster and two on the field at all time during play of the game. See Rules for more details.

We do not have coed teams in age groups U08 to U18/U19 other than the Coed High School nosso site. Teams in these age groups carrying both boys and girls should register in the boys’ division (no minimum number of females for U8-U18/19 Boys division teams).

Prior year’s rules may be posted for reference pending the release of the current year’s rules. Make sure you are reviewing current year’s rules which will be posted just as soon as possible opublikowane tutaj.

B. Team Registration

Team Registration for NASSC 2021 opens January 1, 2022. Visit for registration information.

Please check your junk mail and spam for the confirmation email. The registration confirmation is sent from with the subject: Registration Confirmation – 2021 North American Sand Soccer Championships. If, after checking the inbox/spam/junk/trash for email addresses you own you still do not find a confirmation email, contact Include the name, age group, and gender of the team you were attempting to register.

We do not recommend the use of mobile devices when completing team or player registrations.

“Recreational” youth divisions are reserved for teams with NO travel players. Teams entered in a Recreational division with any players carded as travel players during the current seasonal year will be disqualified even if that player normally plays on a recreational team or not currently active as a travel player.

Any youth team with ONE OR MORE TRAVEL PLAYERS must enter at the Competitive or Elite competition levels

Be sure to check your registration confirmation receipt or email to ensure you have selected the right skill level.

Honesty in skill level is expected – please don’t ruin the fun for others by disregarding this rule.

Divisions fill quickly, especially the closer we get to the deadline. We apologize but we are unable to give information over the phone or by email as to whether divisions are full.

Please complete a team registration online. All teams (US Open excepted), are taken on a “First Registered AND paid, First Accepted” basis until a division is filled. If we are unable to accept the team, you will be notified and your team fee will be refunded or returned to you.

Registration deadlines apply. Late registrations will be placed on a waitlist and accepted if space is available.

C. Payments & Deadlines

Yes, unless our website indicates “Registrations Are Closed”. Payment will be required at time of registration and team will be placed on the waitlist.

No information regarding whether or not a division is full will be given over the phone or by email.

If your team is NOT able to be accepted your team fee will be returned to you.

Yes, the person registered as the primary team manager can make payments by credit card on behalf of the team via their EventConnect dashboard.

Please send the payment along with a note including the EXACT team name and division of the team. Include this same information on the memo of the check sobre isto. This information is found on your EventConnect dashboard.

Deadlines apply to team registration, payment of team fees, player registration, and team check-in. See Event Details for additional information

D. Roster Management for Team Managers

Please visit our Team Manager page for information on preparing your team and the roster. We have prepared materials to assist you all the way.

Thank you for your commitment as a team manager!

Visit the Team Manager page for details on roster management and lock dates.

NOTE: ALL participants (players, managers, and coaches) must complete their individual online registration with the team before appearing on the official roster and being allowed to participate Upon accepting an invitation to join the team, participants will find registration questions on their EventConnect team dashboards.

You may want to visit our Player Portal at, a self-serve network tool to connect teams with players. Be sure to make your post most effective by reading our hints.


Roster sizes are firm. We do not make exceptions to the roster size for any age group, nor for roster requirements regarding coed teams

Teams with more interested players than roster spots may visit our Player Portal.

The original team manager will need to add a new team manager to the team through the EventConnect dashboard and then may remove him/herself from the team. All teams must have a team manager

Yes, of course! See our Team Manager page for instructions applicable to registering participants who will fill multiple roles on a single team

Keep in mind all youth teams, U08-U18/19 and High School Coed teams must have at least one adult over the age of 25 registered as either a coach or manager and who will be present on the player sideline during matches.

All participants (players, managers, and coaches) are allowed to roster on more than one team; however, NASSC is not able to make schedule considerations for players rostered on multiple teams. Coaches may submit a schedule request in writing before the request deadline date but NASSC can not guarantee schedules will be deconflicted.

E. Participants' Registrations and Releases

Online Participant Registration is free, by invitation only, and is required of all players, coaches, and managers including U.S. Open participants

Once a team manager invites a participant to the team, participant will use the link provided to access his/her individual registration questions and will create a profile with EventConnect in the process.

If participants have used EventConnect with us or another event, it is recommended invitations and registrations use the same email address.

Individual registrations include waivers and other agreements related to participation in our event.

Team managers or other team members may not complete the registration for other participants.

For participants under the age of 18 registration must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

Individuals participating with multiple teams will need to complete registration with each team.

Individual registration deadlines apply. Contact the team manager for assistance.

NASSC does not place individuals on teams. Player registration is by team invitation. However, you may want to visit our Player Portal on this site, a self-service network tool to assist players in finding a team to join.

All required forms/agreements are part of the individual online registration required for all participants including players, coaches, and managers.

Participants joining a team after the roster lock date should contact the team manager for these forms Team will not be able to take advantage of online check-in if participants do not complete registration by the roster lock date.

Log into your EventConnect dashboard and locate you/your child in the list of players for the team. You are able to edit the answers to your registration questions from your EventConnect dashboard les.

Log in to your team dashboard at

EventConnect accounts are created by using an email address – each email address is a separate account.*  Always use the same email address in EventConnect when booking hotels, or joining additional teams.

If at any time a participant updates their profile with a new email address, the new email address will update all existing records under their profile. 

* Only one adult and any of their minor children can be managed under a single email address. The following family scenarios require separate accounts:

  • Spouses who are both participating as coaches, managers, and/or players
  • Parents of participants 18 or older at the time of registration.

F. Hotel Accommodations

Yes, and we recommend early bookings to receive the best availability and rates. Reserving hotels may be done before team registration opens. You do NOT need to have the team registered to reserve hotels though you’ll want to use the same email for hotels as you’ll use for registration later.

In order to stay in compliance with the Stay-To-Play policy, any individual or team reservations must be made through EventConnect. If you made a reservation outside of the EventConnect system, contact EventConnect for assistance.

Hotel availability for next year will be made available by the end of this year’s event.

Visit our Travel page for more information.

This slidedeck (click here) shows how to assign each room you booked to the team members who will be using the room officiell sida.

If you made a hotel reservation and did not use EventConnect to do so, please reach out to EventConnect and they can help work to get this reservation moved through the system. EventConnect will need to know the hotel, the rate, the room type, the email(s) associated with the current hotel booking as well as the name on the reservation(s), the NASSC team name and finally, the event name (North American Sand Soccer Championship) les. You can reach out by email to or phone: 1-888-723-2064.

If you do not see enough rooms available, you can request additional rooms by contacting EventConnect. Your request will hold the number of rooms currently available and put in a request directly to the hotel for the remaining inventory. When the remaining inventory is approved or declined, you will receive a notice from the hotel informing you of this. You can reach out by email at support@eventconnect officiell or by phone at 1-888-723-2064.

The deposit is paid at the time of reservation and is included in the room rate so you pay the remaining balance at the time of check-in. For example, if the rate is $100/night with a $5 deposit included in that $100 rate, you will pay $5 when you make the reservation to secure your room and the remaining balance of $95 at the hotel. These rates, with the deposit included, are still below comparable online group rates.

NASSC is a Stay-To-Play event using EventConnect, a free service to our participants and available for booking both individual rooms as well as teams blocking rooms for multiple players. Use of EventConnect keeps team fees lower from year-to-year and directly benefits the soccer community when NASSC is credited for the room you stay in.

When comparing rates online, ensure that you are looking at a cancellable group rate over the same event dates. Also ensure that all the same amenities are being offered, as breakfast is not always included in the rates online compared to the EventConnect rate, and not all room rates are quad occupancy If you send a screenshot or direct link of the hotel with the lower price via email to, EventConnect can look into this and reach out to the hotel. Visit our Travel page for more information.

When a participant switches to another team, in order to attach a reservation made under a different team, the original reservation must be canceled and then re-booked under the participant’s registration with the new.

Once the guest has re-booked their reservation EventConnect can process a refund for the service fee that they will pay at the time of the new booking

You may contact the EventConnect Support Team for assistance at or phone at 1-888-723-2064 Monday – Friday 8:30 am-5 pm EST.

G. Team Check-In

Online check-in is preferred and encouraged.

All teams must check-in prior to the event via one of two options offered.

Visit the Team Manager page for updated check-in information, to be posted prior to the event

** For 2021 we expect to require all teams to use online check-in **

If the team manager has submitted online check-in, there will be no need for a team to show up in person Friday night unless notified by NASSC or if the team has last minute roster changes Follow the team check-in instructions on our Team Manager Info page.

H. Schedules

Preliminary schedules will be posted online approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. However, FINAL schedules will be posted the Friday night prior to competition. Be sure to scroll down to see full schedules. CAUTION: using a search engine to find schedules can often lead you to schedules from prior years and may not reflect correct information for this year’s event.

NASSC matches will play through rain.

If severe conditions present, we will go by the directions given by the Lifeguards.

Teams are asked to stay in the area and watch social media including the EventConnect mobile app.

Games will resume when it is safe to do so.  Adjusted schedules will be reflected on our website and the mobile app.

Information for the EventConnect mobile app can be found in Event Details, linked at the top of this page.

I. Map and Parking

We update our map online just as soon as we have the best idea what the current year will look like. Starting ins 2022, our age group layout will look different than in prior years. Also, keep in mind Mother Nature changes the beach throughout the year and we will adapt our layout to the beach as well as the numbers of teams we have attending the event. In the meantime, the Fields Map, found under Tournament, is a good guideline.

During events as big as ours resort area parking is always a challenge. Participants staying at our hotels are generally offered a parking space with each room. Check with your hotel. We recommend carpools and allowing plenty of time to find parking and walk to your fields.

You may wish to visit our City’s site for more info about VB, transportation, and parking in the resort area. . Many common transport options are available in the area and may also help you avoid parking and traffic worries.

J. Gear Store

Pre-order merchandise is not offered. However, official NASSC merchandise will be available at multiple locations during the event. T-shirts, bags, hats, bottles, balls and more will be featured – shop early for the best choices. Any of our white headquarters tents along the beach will have information where to find our NASSC official gear vendors.

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