Getting Started

Whether you are looking for a player, or hoping to join a team, there are a few things to think about before creating an effective post.  We recommend your post include:

  • Player’s or Team’s age group
  • If you are a player eligible for and/or willing to play in more than one division, post in each of those divisions.
  • Gender of player or team.  Coed teams: be specific if you need a certain gender to meet roster requirements.
  • Describe your/your team’s skill level and beach soccer experience.
  • Contact Info – be careful about posting personal information but a good email or phone number is helpful.
  • Check back regularly for new listings and messages.
  • Found a connection?  Great!  Please update your post so others know you are all set.

Reviewing EventDetails and understanding our age groups, available divisions, and competition levels will help with the above.

We review all requests to post individually to make sure future posts are legit so, it can take a couple of business days for approval.  In the meantime, feel free to read other posts and start looking for potential matches.  If you feel it’s taken too long to receive approval let us know at

You’ll receive an email from us ASAP with a link to follow.  Once you confirm your email through the link, you’ll be ready to post.

Ready to join the bulletin and start posting?