When online check-in is opened (May 27), managers and coaches will see on their team dashboard(s) a new set of survey questions to complete.  Here are some reminders as well as 10-question preview of questions to expect during check-in.

  • Online check-in is required of all teams.
  • Youth teams must be checked in by a rostered team member over the age of 25.
  • All rosters are considered final upon the roster lock date.
  • Team members who have NOT completed required surveys found on their team dashboard will NOT be on the official roster and will NOT be allowed to participate.
    • This includes managers and coaches.
  • Roster change requests subsequent to the roster lock date are considered only in extenuating circumstances and must be requested in writing to no later than Thursday, June 9.
    • No changes are allowed upon commencement of the event.

Sample Check-in Survey - to help you ensure (1) your roster is complete, (2) all participants are eligible to participate within the division this team has entered, and (3) the team is prepared to check-in.  Overlooking details regarding eligibility and check-in may result in disqualification of the team from the tournament.



Go to the "MANAGE TEAM" section of your team dashboard.

Any team member with any of the following icons showing like these has NOT completed registration materials:

1654449111.jpgnor 1654449151.jpgnor 1654449186.jpg

The icons above indicate team member registration is NOT complete and this team member will not be included on the official roster.

If a team member needs to complete materials, they too should log in to EventConnect, go to their team dashboard and complete materials no later than 7PM SUNDAY, JUNE 6.


  1. Is your team in the correct division? (age, gender, and competition level). If not, contact immediately. After May 1st, changes are not guaranteed.
  2. Are all of your players listed on your team dashboard? From the team dashboard, find the Team players box, click Manage Team, and view the roster to see which managers, rosters, and players have been invited.  Remember, this is the UNOFFICIAL roster.
  3. Have you removed any players who will NOT be participating with this team in NASSC 2022? 
  4. Have you verified the birthdates for all team members to ensure they are eligible for participation in the division in which this team has registered, according to the age groups and competition levels described in Event Details?
    • Youth Recreational teams are NOT allowed to have any player carded as a travel player.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • See Event Details for additional information.
  5. Have you completed all surveys shown in the Registration Requirements box on both the manager & coach team dashboards? (check-in questions are required of the primary team manager only)
  6. Have all players completed their registration by answering all of their Participant Questions? From the manager’s team dashboard, look for the notepad icon to the right of the player’s name.  If it is blue, the player has completed his/her registration. This video (1:25m-2:05m) will help you know what to look for
  7. Have all non-players (managers and coaches) completed their Management Questions? From the manager’s team dashboard, look for the notepad icon to the right of the player’s name.  If it is blue, the participant has completed his/her registration.
  8. Is your roster size within limits for the division?  New for 2022: Any participant listed as a manager or coach who is also a player, must also be added to the roster and complete an additional.  See "Adding Team Members" for more details.  Roster size is limited to 10 players (exception: only U08-U10 and U.S. Open may have up to 12 players). NO EXCEPTIONS.
  9. YOUTH TEAMS ONLY (U08-U18/19 and High School Coed): Do you have at least one coach/manager registered with the team who is over the age of 25 and will be on the player sideline during all matches?  We recommend two "over 25" non-players so you always have a back-up and avoid forfeiting a match.
  10. COED TEAMS ONLY: Do you have at least three (3) female players on the team roster?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "No"your team is not ready to check-in.  Correct or complete your roster and submit the online check-in survey before the roster lock date.

Once you submit the online check-in through the team manager's dashboard, your team is considered checked-in. You may NOT make any further roster changes.

The roster is considered final unless you are contacted by NASSC for additional information.    A confirmation email is not sent for team check-in however, the manager can view the team dashboard to see whether the online survey was submitted.