While you are waiting for check-in to open, double-check the following:

    1. Is your team in the correct division? (age, gender, and competition level). If not, contact immediately. After May 1st, changes are not guaranteed.
    2. Are all of your players listed on your team dashboard? From the team dashboard, find the Team players box, click Manage Team, and view the roster to see which managers, rosters, and players have been invited.  Remember, this is the UNOFFICIAL roster.
    3. Have you removed any players who will NOT be participating with this team in NASSC 2023? 
    4. Is your roster size within limits for the division?  REMINDER: any participant listed as a manager or coach who is also a player, must be added to the roster as a player and complete player registration materials even if he/she completed registration materials as a manager or coach.  See "Adding Team Members" for more details.
      • Roster size is limited to ten (10) players (ages U08-U10 and U.S. Open may have up to twelve players). NO EXCEPTIONS.
    5. Have you verified the birthdates for all team members to ensure they are eligible for participation in the division in which this team has registered, according to the age groups and competition levels described in Event Details?  Also note:
      • Youth Recreational teams are NOT allowed to have any player carded as a travel player.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
      • See Event Details for additional information.
    6. Have you completed all surveys shown in the Registration Requirements box? 
    7. Have your coaches and assistant managers completed their registration materials? Coaches will find their registration materials in a Registration Requirements box similar to the manager's. From the "Manage Roster" section of your dashboard look for the page icon to the right of each coach's name.  If the page icon is blue, that coach has completed his/her registration materials. A gray page icon indicates registration has not been completed.
    8. Have all players completed their registration materials thereby accepting a position on the OFFICIAL roster kept by NASSC? From the manager’s team dashboard, go to "Manager Roster" and look for the page icon to the right of each team member's name.  If the page icon is blue, the player has completed his/her registration. A gray page icon indicates registration has not been completed.
    9. YOUTH TEAMS ONLY (U08-U18/19 and High School Coed): Do you have at least one coach/manager registered with the team who is over the age of 25 and will be on the player sideline during all matches?
      • We recommend two "over 25" non-players for all youth teams so you always have a back-up and avoid a forfeit
      • No person may act as coach or manager for a team if they did not complete registration materials with this team
    10. COED TEAMS ONLY: Do you have at least three (3) female players on the team roster?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "No"your team is not ready to check-in.