Important 2024 Updates

In the final weeks to leading up to NASSC, “Monday Management” will highlight information important to the team VIPs … the team managers. Here’s to you, and all you do!


We have made it to June and this week we get to welcome you to the 2023 Ferguson North American Sand Soccer Championships! We are so excited to see you!

Get your beach towel ready, gather up your gear, and pack your bags – it’s beach soccer time!

Here are some important reminders to share with your team:

  • Event updates including emergency or weather related changes will be communicated via our website, social media and the bulletins within the NASSC Mobile App (Available from Google Play or App Store)
  • Come prepared for ALL types of weather. Sunscreen & hydration are a must.
  • Pop-up tents are not allowed along the boardwalk or sea wall. No personal items allowed within 10 feet of any field sidelines or within any field goals or end lines. Tents & umbrellas obstructing the view of NASSC Headquarters Tents & Field staff may be asked to move. If left at fields overnight, they will be removed by Security.
  • Teams are responsible for cleaning the player sideline area following their match. Do not leave water bottles and trash behind.  We appreciate all participants helping to keep all areas of the beach clean.  Trash and recycling receptacles are provided. 

​** Late Team Check-in Requests ** If you have ANY participant who did not get registration materials completed, if you need to make a roster change because of extenuating circumstances, or you did not complete online team check-in, request a Late Check-in no later than Wednesday, June 7 @ 12:00 NOON. Send Subject: Late check-in and include the exact team name and division in the body of your email to info@sandsoccer.com.

If your team is in a “Pending Approval” late check-in is required. See Resources.

Feature(s) of the week:

  • Know Before You Go – coming to your email box soon and featured on this Team Manager webpage
  • Check out our Event Schedule, show up for the Kids’ Clinic, visit our beer garden and watch the pros in the stadium, and don’t forget to download the NASSC Mobile app for viewing schedules and standings over the weekend. 

Sneak Peek – Save the date for next year June 7-9, 2024


Rosters LOCK this Wednesday, May 31 @ 7 PM


Team Check-In Ends Sunday,  June 4 @ 7 PM

Ruh Roh!

It’s all about the dates, ‘bout the dates, ‘bout the dates! … Rosters are locking and teams need to start checking in!

Simply put, if you haven’t scrutinized your roster with the eye of a detective AND checked your team in, this is your very last chance.

  • URGENT! Finalize your roster today and confirm ALL team members have completed their registration materials no later than 6:59 PM on May 31
    • a BLUE (not gray) page icon (not the bed) means the team member has completed materials. As long as the PAGE icon is BLUE, do not worry about a pending approval status
  • URGENT! Manager must check the team in online no later than 6:59 PM on June 4
  • No person may participate with a team unless he/she/they completes registration materials with that team 

                   **This includes managers & coaches!**

  • Persons who do not complete registration materials will NOT be included on the OFFICIAL roster
  • The OFFICIAL roster is kept by NASSC and may differ from team members shown on your team dashboard
  • No person may enter the player sideline nor the field of play unless on the OFFICIAL roster for that team – no substitute players, coaches or managers who are not registered to the team!
  • Youth teams and teams in a Coed division have roster rules specific to their division – see Rules


Troubleshooting: If a team member has completed waivers but the materials are not attaching to them on the team dashboard (no Blue page icon), or if the link to the team member’s registration materials is not showing, they should contact EventConnect for tech help at support@eventconnect.io, via live chat, or 1-888-723-2064. Be sure to include the team name and division.


Resources to assist with the above are all found through the Team Manager webpage at sandsoccer.com. For help reviewing your team members’ progress on registration, also see this help article from EventConnect.  When reviewing your players’ progress, do not worry about any hotel/bed icon shown – as long as your team members include accurate information about accommodations, that is all we need for check-in. And remember, allow one full business day after a team member submits materials before the “Pending Approval” status changes.

As long as a team member’s page icon is Blue, not gray, a “pending approval” status will not impact check-in. It just takes time for us to update the status after we receive the materials. Managers and coaches will not show a status by their names but should have the same blue icon if they have completed materials.


Features of the week:

Hey Kids! Have you heard about Kids’ Clinic? Participants up to age 13, show up at 27th Street, near our stadium, Friday night, 6-7:30 PM, to learn from the pros. And, it’s all FREE.  The U.S. Open lineup is

2023 Men’s U.S. Open

Barre de Santiago BSC (El Salvador) – Tacoma Stars – Maryzillans – SoCal BSC

Punta Hermosa BSC (Peru) – Imane BSC (Japan/Thailand) – Beach Soccer VB – CRUZN

HRSC Elite – Coastal BSC – Tidewater Captains – Toronto BSC (Canada)

2023 Women’s U.S. Open

Beach Soccer LA – Coastal BSC – Beach Soccer VB Elite

SEVWSA – Beach Soccer VB Premier – SBSC

Sneak Peek – Next week will be the final Management Monday issue. We’ll remind you what to bring to the beach, what isn’t allowed, and how to find event communications during the weekend in case of weather delays or emergency situations.