Generally, the person who registered the team is the Primary Manager and the person who will receive event communications, including the confirmation email.  NASSC relies on team managers to communicate to team members.

  • All teams must have at least one person identified as team manager.  Managers may also fill the role of coach (see “Dual Roles ...” below)
  • Changing the Primary Manager: the primary team manager can be removed from the management role, or assigned a new role, once a new team manager is added to the team.

The contact information in your EventConnect Profile is critical to receiving communication including during the event, including weather and emergency updates.  Go to Account Settings to update or verify your contact information. NASSC does not sell or share your information.

Also see "EventConnect Mobile App"

Team Name

  • Team Names are limited to 30 characters and will appear exactly as entered on your dashboard.
  • Creativity is encouraged in team names.
  • Team names may be changed through the team manager's dashboard.  Deadlines for changes apply; changes made after the deadline are not accepted.
  • NASSC reserves the right to append team names that have already been used, have too many characters, are duplicates of or very similar to other teams' names, or are considered inappropriate.

What To Expect After Registering a Team

  • Check your email for a registration receipt and review the information within carefully.
  • Your Team Dashboard is key
    • check your dashboard Registration Requirements box for each of your teams to see what items are pending for the team and
    • use the “Manage Team” section to follow up with the team members registration status (see Team Management below)
    • Each team an individual is affiliated with can be accessed from one dashboard as long as the same email has been used
      • Participants aged 18 and older at the time of registration must have their own email address; under 18 participants must be added under a parent/guardian email address
  • Review all resources on our Team Manager page
  • Invite team members - see "Adding Team Members" before starting - this will save you and your team members time
    • Every manager, coach, and player on your team must be invited - these are your "team members"
    • Every team member accepts a position on the team by completing his/her online registration materials (available May 1st)
    • NO team member may participate without completing registration with the team
    • The team manager(s) and coach(es) may complete registration materials as soon as they are added to the team
    • Players will show as pending approval until he/she completes registration materials
      • See “Team & Roster Management” below for more detail
    • You may also add friends/family to your team. This is particularly useful if a hotel reservation was made under a different email address. Reservations attach to teams by the email and you'll want to be sure your team members are credited for reservations under our stay-to-player policy. Those listed as friends/family do not have to complete registration materials nor are they allowed to participate on the field or on the players' sideline
  • Select a hotel - Whether you are traveling to the area or a local looking forward to the popular stay-cation and a parking spot, use EventConnect to reserve a single room or block of rooms. The earlier you block rooms and book, the better the selection and pricing will be. NASSC is a Stay-to-Play event.  Visit our Hotel Page for more information.

Additional Registration Requirements - Team & Members

  • Players' materials will appear on their team dashboard May 1st
  • Managers, coaches, and players must complete materials prior to the team checking in or the roster lock date, whichever comes first. Dates are found under Event Details
  • Team managers and coaches will have a Registration Requirements box on their team dashboard.  The indicators in Registration Requirements do not reflect other team members' status with the team.
    • A GREEN checkmark indicates this manager or coach has completed the item; gray checks mean action is needed.
  • To determine whether other team members besides yourself have completed their registration requirements, use the "Manage Team" section
    • A coach or manager with a gray note icon to the right of his/her name has not completed required materials
    • A player with a gray note icon to the right of his/her name and/or shows as "pending approval" has not completed registration materials
      • players' registration materials open per deadlines shown in Event Details
      • allow 1-2 business days after a player/parent completes materials for status to be changed --- in the meantime, the note icon should turn blue as soon as materials were submitted.
  • Check-in can not be completed until every team member does his or her part - remember, this includes every manager, coach, and player.
      • the primary team manager will access team check-in from Registration Requirements
      • any team member who has NOT completed materials prior to the team checking in will be removed from the team

No person shall complete “management” or “participant” questions (a.k.a. player/participant registration) on behalf of another unless the participant is their own minor child.

EventConnect Login, Logout, and User Profile

  1. Log-in to EventConnect to find your teams and hotel reservations which are affiliated with the email used at login
  2. Click “My Teams” then the blue icon (to the right of the team you want to work on), and select “Upcoming” under the team’s name.  Finally, select the box to the right of “2023 Ferguson North American Sand Soccer Championships”, taking you to your team dashboard.

To switch teams, activate the menu on the top left of your dashboard and select another team from the pull-down menu near the top left of your screen. If you are affiliated with only one team, no pull-down menu appears.

It's sometimes hard to see but, to the top right of the screen is a round white icon with your initials or photo in it.  Clicking on that icon brings up a menu which includes “Account Settings” where you can edit your profile.

User Profile information is critical to you and your team members’ ability to receive communication.  Please check your e-mail address and phone number in the profile and encourage other team members to do same.  

Where Do I Find the Dashboard Menu?

  If you don’t see the main dashboard menu on the left of your “My Team Dashboard” screen, look toward the top left for an icon with 3 bars.

  • Click it to view menu items including Event Details, Team, and Hotels.
  • From this menu you may also switch to another team using the pull-down menu appearing if you are affiliated with multiple teams.

What Can I Do From The Team Dashboard?

  • Edit the team name (deadline applies; changes made after the deadline will not be accepted).
  • Review any Registration Requirements you and other team members have pending
  • Player’s will find their required survey questions (referred to player questions or surveys) by clicking on their name in the Team Players box found on their own team dashboard
  • See how many players have been invited, and how many rooms are blocked or reserved
    • team members can manage individual reservations and note whether another team member is sharing the room
  • Find, reserve, and assign team members to hotel rooms
  • Stay up-to-date on Event Details
  • Register additional teams

EventConnect Mobile App

All team members are encouraged to download the NASSC mobile app.  During the event the app will give you access to schedules as well as emergency communications from NASSC staff.

  • The mobile app is a separate tool from the online team registration/management. It is NOT USED TO MANAGE THE TEAM ROSTER and is not used for participant registration.
    • To add team members to a team, do so only online
  • Download instructions for the mobile app are found under Event Details.
Team & Roster Management

Team Roles

A "Team Member" includes

Primary Manager - usually the person who initially registered the team unless a different primary manager is assigned and NASSC's main point of contact

Assistant Manager - any manager who is not the primary team manager

Coach including assistant coach(es)


You may also add to a team the following:

Guardian -  automatically assigned if a team member is under the age of 18 at the time they are added.  Guardians will show up on your dashboard in the Family/Friend section.

Family/Friend - any team member not participating as a manager, coach, or player.  They do not need to complete registration materials (other than for a minor child, if they are a guardian) but will receive team communications. If a team member has a hotel reservation under a different person or email, add the additional person/email as family/fried to connect the reservation to the team

Changing roles:  A participant’s primary role may be updated/changed by the primary team manager.  Click the 3-dot icon to the right of the team member’s name and select “Edit”.  In the pop-up screen click “change” to update the team member’s role.

Any secondary roles are updated by the participant who may edit his/her registration questions.

Deadlines for making changes apply.

Adding Coaches, Managers, and Players

  1. Make it easy on yourself and avoid creating more work by reviewing Adding Team Members first. This is an easy to follow flow-chart linked under the manager resources.
  2. Did we mention review Adding Team Members? It's that useful - don't skip this step.
  3. Log into EventConnect.
  4. From “My Team Dashboard” look for the box to the right labeled “Team players”.
    You will see the list of all members invited by selecting “Manage Team”.
  5. From “Manage Team”, click the blue “Add Member” button found toward the top right of your screen.
    • Check with prospective team members for the email they wish to use.  If they have used EventConnect before for our event or other events, its generally preferable to continue using the same email address.  They may update their address in their profile at any time (see “EventConnect Log In, User Profile, and Log Out”).

Team members who are minors are added using the parent/guardian email address.

Team members aged 18 and older must use their own email address - adults do not share profiles in EventConnect.

     6. Alternatively, you may use the "Invite Members" link on the team's dashboard to add PLAYERS only. Follow step 5 to add a                manager or coach.

Dual Roles-One Team: Adding Multi-Role Team Members

Most of the time, a team member has one primary role with the team and would only be required to complete one registration per team.  However, this can vary depending how the team member was added.

Important Overview (but please see Adding Team Member  before adding any team member)

  • Every team member who will be a field player must be added to the roster as a Player and, in that role is also allowed to fill the role of coach or assistant manager without having to be listed on the roster twice
  • The primary team manager who is also a player must be added to the roster as both a manager AND a player. This is the only instance where a team member needs to be on the roster twice and completes two sets of registration materials
  • The only time a team member needs to appear on the roster twice is if that team member is both the primary team manager AND a player

NASSC participants who are affiliated with more than one team will complete materials per the above separately for each team.

Making Sure All Team Members Meet Registration Requirements

The primary team manager is responsible for verifying player birth dates and other participant and team eligibility criteria and folllowing up to ensure every team member completes the steps necessary to formally accept a position on the team.


Review Event Details carefully before inviting participants and before submitting your final roster during team check-in.

  • NO EXCEPTIONS are made with regard to team or participant eligibility.
  • NO EXCEPTIONS are made for roster size.
  • Additional roster requirements apply to all coed teams.
  • Youth teams,  including high school teams, are required to have at least one manager or coach over the age of 25 present on the player sideline during all games. It is highly recommended youth teams have at least two available persons on their roster meeting this requirement.


  1. Log into EventConnect and proceed to the team dashboard (see "EventConnect Login, Logout, and User profile").
    • The roster you see on your team dashboard is unofficial. NASSC's official roster will not include all team members if the team member fails to complete registration materials.
  2. Once you are on the team dashboard, look for the box to the right labeled "Team players" and click "Manage Team".
      • Start by viewing the "Players" view and make sure every player, even those who may also be a coach or manager, show up as a player.
      • Next, switch to "Team List" so you can review registration status of all of the team's coaches, managers, and players
  3. Review each of the team members' status carefully.

The consequences of participating with any player, coach, or manager who has not completed his/her own registration materials or is not on the official roster for any reason are serious.

    • Two or three icons will appear next to each team member (Figure 1). The left icon represents a team member’s registration requirements, the middle represents a hotel reservation, and 3-vertical dots to the right will open a menu.

Figure 1

    • If the team member has completed the required registration questions, the left icon will be blue (Figure 2)
      • a gray (as in Figure 1) means the player, coach, or manager has not completed his/her registration and will not be allowed to participate.

Figure 2

      • A player marked as "Pending Approval" but with the blue note icon has completed registration materials.
        • allow two business days from when the team member completed materials for that status to change; contact NASSC if the player remains pending approval
      • The hotel icon will be dark blue (Figure 2, above) if the member has a hotel registration under the same team and email
      • Use the 3-vertical dots icon (Figure 1 and 2) to remove a player or edit their role with the team.

A Team may also be placed into a Pending Approval status (Figure 3) when one or more concerns have been identified including:

        • a manager or coach has not completed registration materials
        • team has too few players
        • youth team does not have at least one manager or coach over the age of 25

Figure 3

Members who do not complete all registration requirements will NOT appear on the final official roster and will NOT be allowed to participate.  This includes managers and coaches as well as players.

NASSC may strike from the team any team member who has not completed his or her registration materials before the team manager submits a team check-in or upon the roster lock date, whichever comes first.

No person shall complete registration questions on behalf of another other than his/her own minor child.


The roster you build on EventConnect and can see on the team dashboard is a list of team members you have invited and is NOT the OFFICIAL roster. The official roster is held by NASSC and includes ONLY the players, managers, and coaches who have accepted a position on the team by completing his or her registration materials prior to either the manager submitting the team check-in survey or the roster lock date, whichever comes first.

Manager's can see each team member's progress, and their own, from their team dashboard by checking both of the following:

  1. Registration Requirements - shows items the manager must complete
  2. Manage Team section - view each team member's progress

Upon the roster lock date OR upon submission by the manager of the team check-in survey, whichever comes first:

  • If a manager or a coach fails to complete registration materials he or she will be removed from the team and/or the entire team will be placed in a pending status until the problem is resolved.
  • A player who fails to complete registration materials online will be removed from the list of invited team members and will not be on the OFFICIAL roster

If team check-in is not submitted within the allowed period the entire team will be placed in a pending status until the problem is resolved.

Participants rostered with multiple teams must complete materials with each team.

NASSC takes roster violations seriously. Teams who compete with an ineligible team member, use a player not on the OFFICIAL roster, or have any person on the player sideline who is not on the OFFICIAL roster will take a forfeit, may be considered for a point against their tournament standings, and may be disqualified from the event. No refund will be given.

Changing Team Name, Division, or Competition Level

Requests to change age division, or competition level must be received in writing by May 1st. Email  Include team name, division, age, and gender.

Team Names may be changed from the team managers dashboard no later than May 1st.

We do not guarantee accommodation if a team wishes to move to a division or competition level which has already been filled.

Deadlines for team name & division changes, payments, final rosters, and check-in are found in Event Details, accessible from your dashboard menu in EventConnect.

Updating Team Member's Information

In general, it is better to have the member log into his/her dashboard and update personal information.  By clicking on his/her initials (top right of screen), the member can update the email address and phone number within his/her own profile.  The member must “Save User” before exiting. The updated information will be changed for all teams with which the member's email is affiliated.

If the member has NOT answered their registration questions and the email address needs to be corrected in order for the member to receive an invitation, delete the member (see below) then “Add Member” per the instructions above.

User Profile information is critical to your team members’ ability to receive communication.  Please check your e-mail address and phone number in the profile and encourage other team members to do same.


Removing Team Members

Log into EventConnect (see "Event Connect Log In, Log Out, and User Profile" above).

From "My Team Dashboard", look for the box to the right labeled "Team players" and click "Manage Team".

Click on the 3-dots to the right of his/her name and select “Remove from attendance”.

Repeat step 5 and select “Delete from team”.

A guardian of a team participant can not be deleted.  If necessary, such as in the case of "Dual Roles-One Team", above, you may "Remove from attendance".

Team members who have a hotel reservation can not be deleted.   Contact for assistance in this situation.

Where Do Team Members' Access their Registration Materials?

Team members will have access to their registration materials beginning May 1st and must complete these materials online prior to online team check-in.

Your team members log in to EventConnect and access their team dashboard where they can:

  • complete registration materials
  • make and manage their hotel reservations
  • view team members

Team members can not pay team fees -- this must be done through the team manager's dashboard.

To access their registration materials, team members will need to click on their “player card” (their name).

We do NOT recommend the use of mobile devices for viewing or completing registrations; often the full screen is not visible causing users to miss information or mistakingly believe the site is not working.


Amateur divisions (youth and adult) do not require players to have formal uniforms.  Participants are required to wear shirts and shorts. Scrimmage vests will be loaned to one team for the duration of the match if required (U.S. Open excepted; see below).


Many of our teams do wear matching shirts and some have fun designing and printing their shirts.  Avoid clothing with hardware such as zippers or anything that may be deemed by game officials as dangerous to the players on the field.


The use of plastic goggles for eye protection is allowed.


Men’s and Women’s U.S. Open divisions (professional) require players to wear formal soccer uniforms , including matching shorts and numbered shirts. Teams should be prepared to wear either light or dark numbered jerseys. Scrimmage vests will not be permitted.

Fees & Team Check-In

Payment of Team Fees

Full team fees are due by April 15.  Teams with any remaining balance will be placed in waitlist status and will not be placed in the competition until all fees are paid including the $25 late fee and are not guaranteed participation upon payment.

Team fees may be paid by

  1. Credit card payments may be made through the primary team manager’s dashboard
  2. Check or money order payable to “NASSC” and received in our office by April 8th. Mail to

2276 Recreation Drive
Virginia Beach VA 23456

    • Write full team name and division in check memo
    • One check only, per team
    • If paying for multiple teams, send separate check for each team
    • Credit card payments only after April 8th. Checks or money orders for teams registered after this date or who submit payment after April 8 will not be accepted.

Team Check-In

Check-In requirements will be posted on our website Team Manager page approximately 30 days prior to the event.


Team Member Can Not Log In to Event Connect

Most often this has to do with the email address being used.

  • If there was a typo in the address a team manager originally entered for the team member, and if the team member is new to EventConnect, the team member can first log in using the incorrect email and update his/her profile with a correct email address OR
  • The team manager can delete the team member and add them back with a correct address.
  • If the participant already has a profile set up with EventConnect from a prior event or another team within this event, the same email used in the participants profile should be used to invite the participant.
  • If the team member updated their profile to reflect a different email address after receiving the invitation, the profile email address should be used for logging in.
  • If a team member is affiliated with multiple teams, each using a different email address for the same team member, he/she may update the addresses to match.  Once this is done, all of the teams he/she is affiliated will load on the dashboard upon log in.

Note:  Make sure the team member is using the EventConnect login URL ( and not an Invite Team Member link which is only for team members NOT already on the unofficial roster.

Team Member receives a message the player is ineligible

If, when attempting to access their team dashboard or completing the registration questions, a team member receives a message indicating the team member is ineligible, and if the manager is certain the birthdate is eligible within the division, the member should: 

  • make sure birthdates are entered in the correct format (YYYY-MM-DD).  
  • some date fields provide a pop-up calendar -- use the pop-up rather than trying to type in the birthdate
  • clear the cache and browser history and try again
  • use a computer as opposed to a mobile device

If the above does not solve the problem, the team manager may try the following steps:

  • if the team member has NOT reserved a hotel room, go ahead and delete the player (see Team Manager Guide on our website's Team Manager page) then...
    • add team member back to the unofficial roster and have the team member try again 
    • DO NOT delete a team member who has a hotel reservation.

If the above does not resolve the problem reach out to EventConnect for additional help. Include the following information:

  • team name and division
  • description of the problem
  • type of device team member is using when problem occurs (e.g. IOS, computer, tablet, Adroid)
  • browser used
  • whether they are trying to access their dashboard by
    • using a link in an invitation email coming from
    • using a team link the team manager has shared or
    • accessing their team dashboard by first logging in to their EventConnect account (
  • sending a full screenshot(s) is very helpful


For tech support, contact or use the "help" icon on your dashboard. Please be sure to include the information above.

Team Members Completed Registration Questions But Show as Incomplete on the Primary Manager's Dashboard

Team members who already have an account with EventConnect, either from another event or another team within this event, may find they have completed registration questions for a team but those questions are lost in the system.  This may happen if the participant has used EventConnect in the past, either through this event or others, and did not first log in before completing registration for your team.

It is important, for those who may have an account to first determine whether they have an account and if so, log in.

For assistance, contact

Invited Member Did Not Receive Invitation by Email

If a team member did not receive the invitation

  • Check the email address used when you invited the team member
    • If the email address is incorrect, delete the team member and add them again
  • If the email address used in the original invitation is correct
    • Direct the team member to the Event Connect login (
    • The team member should use the same email address used in the invitation and may be asked to create a password
    • Team member will see any teams with which he/she is affiliated (under the same email address)
    • Click "Manage Team" and review the dashboard for "Registration Requirements" where he/she will find survey questions required to register with the team

"Roster is full!" message

First, double-check your roster is not exceeding the number of players allowed in the division, removing any duplicate players or those no longer participating.

If your players are seeing "Roster is full!" when they try to access their team dashboard and registration questions, it is likely because they are using an "Invite Team Member" link or an erroneous link found in an invitation email. These links cue the system to add another member in addition to what the team manager has already added, hence the reason for the error message.

To correct the problem, have your players log on to their EventConnect dashboard using the basic EventConnect login.

We recommend you and your team members use the helpful videos* linked from the Team Manager page to aid in navigating the dashboard and locating registration questions.

*The videos may reference document uploads, something NASSC does not currently require as part of player registration.