Team Applications

    When can teams apply for the competition?
    Team Applications for 2018 - our 25th anniversary year!! - will be available by December, 2017
    Did my team registration process? I have not received a confirmation email after filling out an online registration.
    Please check your junk mail and spam for email from “TeamSnap”. If you do not find a confirmation email from us, you will need to complete a new registration. We do not recommend the use of mobile devices when completing team or player registrations.
    How do I know whether there is still room in a division?
    Divisions fill quickly, especially the closer we get to the deadline No information regarding whether or not a division is full will be given over the phone or by email. The best way to insure your team gets into the competition is to submit the application and pay the team fees. Without both the application and fees paid, your team cannot be considered. In the event the division fills, your team will be placed on a waitlist. If we are unable to accept the team, your payment will be refunded or returned to you. All teams (Pro Teams excepted), are taken on a “First Applied AND Paid, First Accepted” basis.
    Our team has players that play in travel leagues, and others that play at the recreation level or not at all. We do not feel our skill level is very high. Can we compete at Level 1?
    Any team with one or more travel players must enter at Level 2 or higher, even if the travel player(s) also plays for a recreation team. Level 1 is reserved for teams with no travel players. Teams entered at Level 1 with any players carded as travel players during the 2017-2018 seasonal year will be disqualified. Level 2 is the lowest level of competition for teams with travel players. Be sure to check your confirmation email to ensure you have selected the right skill level. Honesty in skill level is expected – please don't ruin the fun for others by disregarding this rule.
    The information for our Team Manager has changed – how can I update the application?
    Thank you for thinking of us -- team managers and players may log into their accounts at to update contact information prior to April 22nd. Thereafter, please contact our Administrator for assistance.

Payments & Deadlines

    The Application Deadline has past. Are teams still able to apply?
    Team Registrations are accepted after the deadline unless our website indicates "Applications Are Closed". No information regarding whether or not a division is full will be given over the phone or by email. Teams wishing to be added to the waitlist must submit an online registration and make full payment to be considered. If your team is NOT able to be accepted your team fee will be returned to you.
    I previously submitted a Team Registration for the event and would now like to pay by credit card.
    No problem. Log into your account at to make a payment.
    I have misplaced my registration confirmation and need it to send in with payment.
    No problem. Log into your account at and reprint your receipts(s). If multiple teams are on one receipt, please print one per team. Please send ONE check PER team, and separate checks for each if you have more than one team.
    I previously submitted a Team Application for the event and would now like to pay by credit card.
    Once submitted, you cannot change your payment method. If at all possible, please submit your check or money order, along with a copy of your Certificate of Application showing your team ID and name to our office: 2276 Recreation Dr.; Virginia Beach VA; 23456. This is the best way to hold your team’s spot. Please be sure to note deadlines. To pay by credit card, you will need to start over and submit a new Team Application. Once this is done, contact our office by email and indicate that you have done so. When contacting us, include both team IDs and your team names, with a request for us to delete your original application (be sure to clarify by team ID and team name the application to be deleted). Keep in mind that starting over renders your current roster obsolete, and players will have to start over with the Player Registration using the NEW link for your team’s player registration. We can not transfer rosters from one team ID# to another.

Player Registration, Rosters, and Releases

    Will players be required to complete a medical release?
    Yes, the Waiver & Release of Liability is now part of the online Player Registration we require for all players.
    When do we have to have the team roster completed?
    While the roster is not turned in to us until June 8th at packet pick-up, you will need all players to complete their online player registration prior to printing the roster and bringing it to packet pick-up. The player registration deadline and more information for roster management coming soon. Once all players have registered, and prior to arriving for our Friday packet pick-up, the team manager will need to print and bring two (2) copies of the final roster. The roster may not be changed once it is turned in. Come prepared & avoid an extra line - fees may apply for any teams needing copies printed.
    I am the Team Manager. How can I tell whether my players have completed the online registration?
    Team managers should be able to tell which players have completed their information by logging into their account at and reviewing the roster.
    I am looking for a team. Can I complete a player registration and be placed on a team?
    No. Player registration is by team invitation. However, you may want to visit our Player Portal at, a self-serve network tool for players and teams to find one another.
    I made an error when completing my/my child’s player registration. How can I correct the info?
    Players are able to return to their account at to update contact information.
    What is the deadline for players to complete their online registration(s) and release for each team they are playing for?
    [tbd for 2018]. Thereafter, please contact your team manager.

Schedules & Mailings

    When will schedules be released?
    Schedules will be sent to Team Managers approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. However, FINAL schedules will be given to teams at Packet Pick-up the Friday night prior to competition. CAUTION: using a search engine to find schedules can often lead you to schedules from prior years and may not reflect correct information for this year’s event.
    The information for our Team Manager has changed – how can I update the application to ensure postal mail finds me?
    If a Team Manager or any of your other team contacts’ information has changed log into your account at and make the changes prior to April 22. Acceptance packets will be mailed to team managers during the first week of May. Packets are mailed to the team manager’s address provided on the registration. The acceptance packet will provide IMPORTANT information including instruction for packet pick-up Friday night, t-shirt pre-orders, roster management, and more.

Accommodations, Map, & Parking

    I will be staying at the Oceanfront. Why are participants asked to book rooms through BookMyGroup, even when booking a single room?
    NASSC is a Stay-and-Play event using BookMyGroup, a free service to our participants. This service is applied to individuals as well as teams blocking rooms for multiple players. Use of BMG keeps team fees lower from year-to-year, and directly benefits our community when NASSC is credited for the room you stay in. If you booked early and did not use BMG, please contact Andrea immediately with your lodging information. BMG will then associate your reserved room with our tournament and do its best to work with the hotel to insure you receive the most competitive rates. For the early birds who like to grab their favorite location early for next year, BookMyGroup will be available for by the time you arrive on the sand for this years’ event. Please be sure to contact BMG direct for all reservations. For all questions regarding lodging, please contact: Andrea Casperson - - 1-888-832-6745

Gear Store & Merchandise

    I placed an order through the online store prior to the Pre-order deadline. How do I claim my items?
    All pre-orders must be picked up June 8th between 5 p.m.-10 p.m., at the Team Check-In You or your representative must present a receipt to claim orders. If you forgot to claim your order at team check-in Friday night, please visit their retail tent near our stadium (24th Street) during the event or contact MSP Design Group (757) 855-5416 to inquire about having your order shipped. If you requested and paid for shipping, your order will be shipped unless you have made other arrangements with MSP.
    I have a question about my pre-ordered t-shirts and gear, or items I ordered from the Gear Store that were to be shipped.
    Please contact MSP Design Group (757) 855-5416.