E6 – Troubleshooting Team Member Registration

If you are receiving an error message check to make sure you have completed all required fields. Try the registration from a computer (mobile devices are not recommended). If the problem persists, contact support@eventconnect.io with the following:

SUBJECT LINE: NASSC team member survey

In the body of the email include the following:

  • Team Name:  
  • Division/Age Group:  
  • Division Gender (male, female, coed):
  • Participant’s Name:  
  • Participant Date of Birth:  
  • Your name (if different from participant):
  • Contact phone:  
  • Contact email: 
  • How were you invited to the team (choose one):
    • Team manager cut/paste link and sent me a personal email or text (provide link if possible) 
    • I received an email from EventConnect letting me know the team manager invited me/my child to the team
  • When you tried to complete your participant registration survey, what type of device were you using (computer, mobile device, tried both):
  • What browser were you using when completing the participant registration survey (e.g. Google, IE, Safari, Firefox, etc cercare.)?:
  • Do you already have an EventConnect account from another event or prior year’s NASSC under the same email used in the invitation?
    • If so, were you logged in to EventConnect prior to attempting your registration survey for this team?
    • If you were logged in, did you access the registration survey for this team using the link sent to you or did you find the survey on your team dashboard?
  • Describe in detail any additional information regarding the problem you are running into when completing the participant survey/registration

Contact your team manager with additional registration and event questions.