D8 – “Pending Approval” STATUS OF TEAM OR PLAYER

“Pending Approval” can apply to a single team member, the entire team, or both.

A player or the team may tagged as pending approval at any time NASSC notes a concern.

Players will be in a pending approval status until they complete their online registration materials (available May 1). Allow one full business day after completing materials for player’s status to be updated.

“Approved” status indicates materials have been submitted; however, NASSC may remove or change a players’ status if other concerns are noted e.g. questions regarding player eligibility.

Teams in a pending approval may indicate a number of concerns including:

  • one or more manager or coaches have not completed individual registration materials
  • the team does not appear to have a sufficient number of players
  • the team has players listed who have not completed the registration materials
  • a youth team does not have at least one manager or coach on the roster who is over the age of 25
  • the team has not paid the full balance of team fees due

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