Log in to your team dashboard through the Event Details page.  Look for the 3-bar icon in the top left corner of a page.  Click on the icon to open the menu and the log-in option.

Note the following about Event Connect email addresses and accounts:

  • Event Connect accounts are created by using an email address – each email address is a separate account.* 
    • If at any time a participant updates their profile with a new email address, the new email address will update all existing records under their profile. 
    • Always use the same email address in Event Connect when booking hotels, or joining additional teams.
    • Event Connect accounts may only have one adult (age 18 or older) indegenerique.be. The following family scenarios require separate accounts:
      • Spouses who are both participating as coaches, managers, and/or players
      • Parents of participants 18 or older at the time of registration.

* Only one adult and any of their minor children can be managed under a single email address.

E1 – GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION (Required of all coaches, players, and managers)

Online Participant Registration is free, by invitation only, and is required of all players, coaches, and managers (US Open Pro Division excepted).

Once your team manager invites you to participate with a team, you will be able to answer a few questions before being placed on the official roster. The registration includes waivers and other agreements related to participation in our event.

Team managers or other team members may not complete the registration for other participants.

For participants under the age of 18 registration must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

When completing a participant registration, TURN OFF AUTO-FILL to avoid inadvertent changes to info already completed by you and REVIEW CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING. The use of mobile devices to complete registration is NOT RECOMMENDED.

If you are planning to roster on multiple teams you will receive separate invitations from each team and will need to complete registration with each team.

See Deadlines under Event Details, linked from our Tournament-Registration page and also found from your EventConnect dashboard.

If you have questions regarding Participant Registration contact the team manager for assistance.