E6 – Troubleshooting Team Member Registration

If you are receiving an error message check to make sure you have completed all required fields. Try the registration from a computer (mobile devices are not recommended). If the problem persists, contact support@eventconnect.io with the following:

SUBJECT LINE: NASSC team member survey

In the body of the email include the following:

  • Team Name:  
  • Division/Age Group:  
  • Division Gender (male, female, coed):
  • Participant’s Name:  
  • Participant Date of Birth:  
  • Your name (if different from participant):
  • Contact phone:  
  • Contact email: 
  • How were you invited to the team (choose one):
    • Team manager cut/paste link and sent me a personal email or text (provide link if possible) 
    • I received an email from EventConnect letting me know the team manager invited me/my child to the team
  • When you tried to complete your participant registration survey, what type of device were you using (computer, mobile device, tried both):
  • What browser were you using when completing the participant registration survey (e.g. Google, IE, Safari, Firefox, etc cercare.)?:
  • Do you already have an EventConnect account from another event or prior year’s NASSC under the same email used in the invitation?
    • If so, were you logged in to EventConnect prior to attempting your registration survey for this team?
    • If you were logged in, did you access the registration survey for this team using the link sent to you or did you find the survey on your team dashboard?
  • Describe in detail any additional information regarding the problem you are running into when completing the participant survey/registration

Contact your team manager with additional registration and event questions. 


Log in to your team dashboard at app.eventconnect.io/login.

EventConnect accounts are created by using an email address – each email address is a separate account.*  Always use the same email address in EventConnect when booking hotels, or joining additional teams.

If at any time a participant updates their profile with a new email address, the new email address will update all existing records under their profile. 

* Only one adult and any of their minor children can be managed under a single email address. The following family scenarios require separate accounts:

  • Spouses who are both participating as coaches, managers, and/or players
  • Parents of participants 18 or older at the time of registration.


NASSC does not place individuals on teams. Team members are added by team manager invitation only. You may want to visit our Player Portal, a self-service network tool to assist players in finding a team to join. Be sure to follow our hints on posting more effectively.


All team members must complete registration materials to formally accept a position, including managers & coaches.

  • Players’ registration materials open May 1st
  • Managers’ and coaches’ registration materials are available as soon as they are added to the team

“Registration materials” refers to the waivers and other agreements related to participation in our event

  • no team managers or other person may complete materials on behalf of another except his/her own minor child
  • participants under the age of 18 require a parent or legal guardian to complete materials
  • individuals participating with multiple teams will need to complete registration with each team.
  • some team members filling multiple roles on the team may need to complete multiple sets of registration materials. See team manager resources.

Individual registration deadlines apply. Contact the team manager for assistance.