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City of Virginia Beach Info Form

Ensure you have completed the correct form for either a food vendor or a non-food vendor. PDF files preferred.

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I have downloaded and reviewed the NASSC Vendor Information, City of Virginia Beach – Special Event Food Vendor Requirements (food vendors only), and the City of Virginia Beach Platform Requirements.

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I understand failure to meet deadlines or comply with all requirements will result in denial of acceptance and I will not receive a refund.


If all of the information in the above application is complete and correct, you are ready to proceed to payment. Please type your full name below to electronically sign this application and certify that all information submitted with it is complete and correct.

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Select the number of booths you would like to place a deposit on. The deposit amount is $500 per booth. If you would like, you can pay the full amount for your booths now by selecting 0 in this field and using the “Number of Booths – Pay in Full” field instead.

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Select the number of booths you would like to pay in full now. The total cost for each booth is $1,000. If you only want to pay the deposits at this time, select 0 in this field and use the “Number of Booths – Pay in Full” field instead.



Thank you for your interest in being a vendor for our event.

A Vendor Information form for the City of Virginia Beach as well as the NASSC Vendor Agreement must be completed in advance and uploaded in clearly readable electronic form as part of the application. Please complete these prior to continuing the application.

This vendor application does not guarantee admittance into NASSC. Our Administrator will be in touch with you regarding application status. Incomplete applications including those with incomplete or missing forms, lacking payments, or those not adhering to deadlines will not be considered and refunds will not be given officiell sida.

Deposit must be paid by credit card when application is submitted. Transaction fees apply.

Following completion, please check for a confirmation email indicating successful submission of your application.