Registering as a Team Member

All participants, including managers and coaches, must complete online registration questions to be eligible to participate.

To register as a member of a team, you must first be invited by the manager either through an email generated by EventConnect OR be a team manager may share a team Invitation URL with you.

Either way, first determine whether you may already have a profile linked to the email address your manager has for you:

1.   Determine the email address the team manager used to invite you to the team (if this isn't your preferred email address, you may change it in your EventConnect profile later)

2.  LOG IN ( to EventConnect.  The system will let you know if there is no profile set up for you under or if you need to set a password.

We recommend participants use the same email for all events associated with EventConnect.  This allows you to keep all of your events in one place.

If the first email you try results in "no profile exists" you may want to try other emails you use before setting up a new profile.

Participants with existing profiles who do not first log in will not be successful with registration; their registration will not attach to the team roster.

3.  Once logged in, or if the system tells you no profile yet exists, click on the Invite Member URL your manager has shared or the “answer questions” button in an EventConnect email you received.

4.  If the team manager has already listed you/your child as a team member, you may need to access registration questions from the participant's player card.  See illustrations in Troubleshoot Participant Registration, linked below.

5.  Complete all registration questions and make sure they show as completed from your team dashboard. You may need to refresh the screen to update your player card.


Make note of the login email and password for your EventConnect profile.  You may update your email and password through your EventConnect profile.

Use your team dashboard to make hotel reservations and access Event Details.

NASSC will use EventConnect and the mobile app to communicate with teams during the event.  Check that your profile reflects an accurate email and mobile number.

Download the mobile app (for IOS and Android) to use during the event for viewing schedules and communicating with your team.


Contact your team manager with registration and event questions.  You may also wish to view the FAQs on our website,

Contact EventConnect for assistance with hotels.