• The person who registers the team is the Primary Team Manager and will receive all communications including a confirmation email when the first step of registration is completed.
  • Coaches and additional managers may receive many of the same communications and should coordinate with the Primary Team Manager on any action items.
  • All teams must have at least one person acting as the team manager.  Managers may also fill the role of coach and/or player (see “Dual Roles-One Team”).
  • Changing the team's Primary Manager:  the primary team manager can be removed from the management role once a new team manager is added to the team.
  • Unsubscribing from Event Connect email will prevent team managers and other participants from receiving important administrative email from NASSC.
    • If you have unsubscribed and wish to be added back to the distribution list, email

Please include the exact team name, gender, and division information with all correspondence.

EventConnect Login, Logout, and User Profile

Log In

  • Visit EventConnect and enter your email and password.  You will see all teams you are affiliated with.  
  • Click “Manage Team” on the team you want to work from.  This takes you to your team dashboard.
    • To switch teams, you can use the menu on the left and select another team from the pull-down menu near the top left of your screen.
    • If you are affiliated with only one team, no pull-down menu appears.


View and Edit Profile or Log Out

It's sometimes hard to see but, to the top right of the screen is a round white icon with your initials or photo in it.  Clicking on that icon brings up a menu which includes “Profile” and "Logout".

Team Name

  • Team Names are limited to 30 characters and will appear exactly as entered on your dashboard.
  • Creativity is encouraged in team names.
  • Team names may be changed through the team manager's dashboard.  Deadlines for changes apply; changes made after the deadline are not accepted.
  • NASSC reserves the right to append team names that have already been used, have too many characters, or are considered inappropriate.

What To Expect After Registering a Team

  • Your Team Dashboard is key - Log in to Event Connect and check your dashboard Registration Requirements box for each of your teams to see what items are pending and use “Manage Team” to follow up with players (see Team & Roster Management below).
  • Check your email for a registration receipt and review the information within carefully.
  • Invite team members.  All team members (players, managers, and coaches) will need to be invited and must register with the team by completing registration questions online.
    • See “Rosters” below and check out the Quick Tips slide deck and our resources on the Team Manager page.
  • Select a hotel - If you are traveling to the area or looking forward to the popular staycation and a parking spot, reserve a room or block of rooms.  The earlier you block rooms and book, the better the selection and pricing will be.

Additional Registration Requirements - Team & Members

After submitting an initial team registration you’ll need to provide more details about the team by answering the Division Questions.  Chances are you have done this but if not, you’ll find the questions in the Registration Reequirements box when you log into EventConnect.


Each team you are affiliated with can be accessed from one profile as long as the same email has been used.


Participants aged 18 and older at the time of registration must have their own email address.


All participants, including managers and coaches, must register with the team in order to appear on the official roster and be allowed to participate.  The questions will be linked in an invitation sent by email or on the participant’s team dashboard after the team manager has added the participant to the team.


Manager’s and Coach’s “Management Questions” - pertain to the primary manager and any other managers and coaches who are not players.


Player “Participant Questions” will be sent to each player’s when invited to the team.  These must be completed for the player to appear on the roster. *


*  No person shall complete “management” or “participant” questions (a.k.a. player/participant registration) on behalf of another except their own minor child.

Where Do I Find The Dashboard Menu?

  If you don’t see the main dashboard menu on the left of your “My Team Dashboard” screen, look toward the top left for an icon with 3 bars.

  • Click it to view menu items including Event Details, Team, and Hotels.
  • From this menu you may also switch to another team using the pull-down menu appearing if you are affiliated with multiple teams.

What Can I Do From The Team Dashboard?

  • Edit the team name (deadline applies; changes made after the deadline will not be accepted).
  • Review any Registration Requirements you and other team members have pending
  • Player’s will find their required survey questions (referred to as either management questions or player questions) by clicking on their name in the Team Players box found on their own team dashboard
  • See how many players have been invited, and how many rooms are booked or on hold
  • Find and reserve hotel rooms
  • Stay up-to-date on Event Details
  • Register additional teams


You'll find the "how to" for the above within these instructions.

EventConnect Mobile App

  • All team members are encouraged to download the EventConnect mobile app. You’ll find information for the app under Event Details.  During the event the app will give you access to schedules as well as allow you to receive event and emergency communications from us.
  • The mobile app is a separate tool from the online team registration/management.  It can not be used for most team management functions and is not used for participant registration.
  • Changes made to team members within the mobile app WILL NOT impact the team roster
    • To add participants to a team, do so only online
    • To delete participants, you’ll need to do so both online and in the mobile app
  • Download instructions for the mobile app are found under Event Details
Team & Roster Management

Changing Team Name, Division, or Competition Level

Requests to change age division or competition level must be received in writing by 5/1/2020. Email  Include current team name, age division, and competition level.


We do not guarantee accommodation if a team wishes to move to a division or competition level which has already been filled.


Team Name may be changed from the team manager's dashboard.


Deadlines for team name & division changes, payments, final rosters, and check-in are found in Event Details.

Team Roles

Participants may fill more than one role on a team however, there is a specific way to add multi-role members (see below “Dual Roles-One Team”)

Primary Manager - usually the person who initially registered the team unless a different primary manager is assigned.

Assistant Manager - any manager who is not the primary team manager

Coach including assistant coach(es)


Guardian -  automatically assigned if participant is under the age of 18 at  the time the player is registered

Adding Coaches, Managers, and Players

Log into EventConnect following instructions in "EventConnect Log In, Log Out and User Profile" above.


From "My Team Dashboard", look for the box to the right labeled "Team players" and select “Manage Team” to will see the list of all team members invited so far.


Click the blue “Add Member” button found toward the top right of your screen.

1. To add a PLAYER use “Add Member” or “Share a link”.

a.  Families with more than one minor player (under 18 at time of registration)  use a parent/guardian email address.

b.  Team members aged 18 and older must use separate email addresses.

2. To add a COACH or a MANAGER use “Add Member”.


**See below for more information about adding team members filling multiple roles on the same team.

Dual Roles-One Team: Adding Multi-Role Team Members

How team members are invited to a team differs for those who will fill more than one role on the team. If that team member is one of the team’s players, the way they are invited or registered is more critical.

The steps to take in inviting these team members or adding/changing roles of existing team members are described in this document. CLICK HERE.

Making Sure All Team Members Meet Registration Requirements

The primary team manager is responsible for verifying player birth dates and other participant and team eligibility criteria. 

Review Event Details carefully before inviting participants and before submitting your final roster during team check-in.

- NO EXCEPTIONS are made with regard to team or participant eligibility.
- NO EXCEPTIONS are made for roster size.
- Specific roster requirements apply to all coed teams.
- Youth teams,  including high school teams, are required to have at least one manager or coach over the age of 25 present on the player sideline during all games.


Log into EventConnect (see "Event Connect Log In, Log Out, and User Profile" above)


From "My Team Dashboard" look for the box to the right labeled "Team players" and click "Manage Team".


You can review your team as "Team List" which will show coaches, managers, and players (recommended).  Selecting "Players" isolates the players but will not allow you to see and review all team members.

To the right of each player you'll see a set of icons.    The left icon represents the team member’s registration requirements, the middle represents hotel room booked, and the right 3-dot icon opens a menu.

  • If the member has completed the required registration questions, the left icon will be blue. If the icon is gray, the player has not completed his/her registration, will not be on the roster, and will not be allowed to participate.
    • Clicking on a players name, or “player card”, will reveal whether the player has submitted initial questions but has some remaining.  In this case, ask the player to log in, complete any unanswered questions, and resubmit.
  • The hotel icon will be blue if the member has made a reservation.
    • Hotel reservations will be connected to the participant event registrations if the same email was used for both.  Contact for assistance connecting existing reservations not currently showing next to the team members name.

If a team member has not completed his/her registration questions, remind them to log into EventConnect to do so.


Remember, all team members including managers & coaches must complete their registration questions to be eligible to participate.


You may NOT complete registration questions on behalf of another person other than your own minor child.

Updating Team Member's Information

In general, it is better to have the member log into his/her dashboard and update personal information.  By clicking on his/her initials (top right of screen), the member can update the email address within his/her own profile.  The member must “Save User” before exiting. The email address will be changed for all teams with which the member is affiliated.

If the member has NOT answered their registration questions and the email address needs to be corrected in order for the member to receive an invitation, go ahead and delete the member then “Add Member” per the instructions above.

Removing Team Members

Log into EventConnect (see "Event Connect Log In, Log Out, and User Profile" above).

From "My Team Dashboard", look for the box to the right labeled "Team players" and click "Manage Team".

Click on the 3-dots to the right of his/her name and select “Remove from attendance”.

Repeat step 5 and select “Delete from team”.

A guardian of a team participant can not be deleted.  If necessary, such as in the case of "Dual Roles-One Team", above, you may "Remove from attendance".

Team members who have a hotel reservation can not be deleted.   Contact for assistance in this situation.

Fees & Team Check-In

Payment of Team Fees

Full team fees are due by April 15, 2020.

  • Teams with any remaining balance will be placed in waitlist status and will not be placed in the competition until all fees are paid including the $25 late fee.
  • Late payments are not guaranteed participation upon payment.


Team fees may be paid by:

  • Credit card payments may be made through the primary team manager’s dashboard only.
  • Check or money order payable to “NASSC” and mailed to 2276 Recreation Drive; Virginia Beach VA 23456
    • Write full team name and division in check memo
    • One check only, per team.  If paying for multiple teams, send separate check for each
    • If postmarked on or before April 15 no late fee is applied.

Team Check-In

Check-In requirements will be posted on our website Team Manager page approximately 30 days prior to the event.


Team Member Can Not Log In to Event Connect

Most often this has to do with the email address being used.

  • If there was a typo in the address a team manager originally entered for the team member, the team member can first log in using the incorrect email and update his/her profile with a correct email address OR team manager can delete the team member and add them back with a correct address.
  • If the participant already has a profile set up with Event Connect from a prior event or another team within this event, the same email used in the participants profile should be used to invite the participant.
  • If the team member updated their profile to reflect a different email address, the profile email address should be used for logging in.
  • If a team member is affiliated with multiple teams, each using a different email address for the same team member, he/she may update the addresses to match.  Once this is done, all of the teams he/she is affiliated will load on the dashboard upon log in.

Team Members Completed Registration Questions But Show as Incomplete on the Primary Manager's Dashboard

Chances are, the team member has a few questions remaining or has a profile with Event Connect under an email address differing from the email address used by the team manager.

The team member should Log In ( to their dashboard, complete the questions, and submit.  Their registration status will then show as complete.  You may need to refresh your dashboard screen to see the change in the status of the team members' registration questions.

Typically, the questions missing involve birthdate, gender, and selection of team role.

Invited Member Did Not Receive Invitation by Email

If a team member did not receive the invitation

  • Check the email address used when you invited the team member
    • If the email address is incorrect, delete the team member and add them again
  • If the email address used in the original invitation is correct
    • Direct the team member to the Event Connect login (
    • The team member should use the same email address used in the invitation and may be asked to create a password
    • Team member will see any teams with which he/she is affiliated (under the same email address)
    • Click "Manage Team" and review the dashboard for "Registration Requirements" where he/she will find survey questions required to register with the team