June 9 - 11, 2017
Virginia Beach, VA

Sand Hockey

McDonald's NASSC proudly welcomes a new "sidekick" to the 2015 festival, SAND HOCKEY! Virginia Beach Sand Hockey and Beyond the Net Training are now associated with the 2015 McDonald's NASSC offering you a chance to play Field Hockey in a new, exciting way...in the sand!

Virginia Beach Field Hockey began over 35 years ago as a grassroots effort to bring field hockey to Virginia Beach. Today, their mission and goal remain the same -- "Spreading our love and passion for field hockey!"

Beach Hockey is plated with two teams of eight players each. A maximum of five players from each team take part in play at any particular time during the match. Beach Hockey is played with a small leather ball (20 cm). The beach hockey stick is produced with a bigger/larger head of the stick. There are holes in the head making it easier to hit the ball in the sand.

For more information on Virginia Beach Sand Hockey registration and rules, please visit www.beachfieldhockey.com.