June 8 - 10, 2018
Virginia Beach, VA

2018 Lodging

Will you be staying in a hotel during our event next year? All-Pro Tactical NASSC 2018 will be a Stay-to-Play event meaning, as a service to our guests, those staying in hotels must book through the complementary booking service provided by BookMyGroup. This service is available for whole teams needing blocks of rooms as well as individuals and families.

Staying at the Oceanfront hotels supporting NASSC comes with benefits of air conditioning between games, parking and of course, evening entertainment provided up and down the resort area. Even locals enjoy making the weekend a "stay-cation".

Please visit BookMyGroup to start viewing the hotels available. More will be added throughout the year. Contact Andrea at 1-800-524-1089 if you have any questions regarding hotel availability or, if you have already booked a room and need to transfer it to a BMG booking.


To help plan your hotel reservations, the below is an expected field layout for 2018 NASSC. Unless Mother Nature rearranges the oceanfront over the winter or team applications dictate, we expect to situate fields as follows:
  • U 08-10 BOYS/GIRLS 25th - 27th
  • U 11-12 BOYS/GIRLS 27th - 29th
  • U 13 GIRLS 29th - 31st
  • U 13 BOYS 32nd - 34th
  • U 14 BOYS/GIRLS 32nd - 34th
  • U 15-19 BOYS/GIRLS 15th - 19th
  • COED ADULT & HIGH SCHOOL 18th - 23rd
  • ADULT MEN & WOMEN 23rd - 26th
  • “U.S. OPEN” (Pro/Am) MEN 24th ST STADIUM