June 8 - 10, 2018
Virginia Beach, VA

Hampton Roads Soccer Complex

"Hey...we are REALLY running out of soccer fields for our kids -FAST!"

That Virginia Beach soccer administrator's ominous warning in 1990 was soon translated into action with the creation of the "Hampton Roads Soccer Council (HRSC)". Composed of officials from the Virginia Rush Soccer Club, Beach FC Travel Soccer Club, the Southeastern Virginia Women's Soccer Association, and the men's Over Thirty Soccer League, HRSC represents nearly 10,000 youth and adult players, and is a hallmark in community sports management, by focusing the collective energies of several diverse soccer organizations towards the common goal of improving programs and facilities for region athletes.

Following five years of negotiations and fund raising, HRSC proudly opened its "Hampton Roads Soccer Complex" in August 1997 on Recreation Drive adjacent to Princess Anne Park and the Virginia Beach Amphitheater. A public/private partnership between the City of Virginia Beach and HRSC includes a long-term lease of 75 acres of previously undeveloped City property and private facility construction by the soccer consortium (501c3).

Nineteen high-quality, irrigated fields (including lighted turf fields) are now available, in a scenic woodland setting, throughout the year for matches and tournaments hosted by HRSC member clubs. Special events, such as Olympic Development Program activities, summer camps, the national Adidas ESP Camp for rising high school juniors and seniors, the AAU Junior Olympics, and the Virginia Special Olympics, are also conducted at the site. The facility is available for leasing by non-affiliated organizations for tournament play. Collectively, these conventional soccer events attract over 50,000 out-of-town visitors annually while producing in excess of 25,000 hotel room nights. More than $6,000,000 of spending in the local economy and over $200,000 of direct tax revenues are generated by the Complex.

The HRSC Soccer Complex was fortunate to be twice awarded substantial grants by the United States Soccer Federation, Inc. in annual competition for funds associated with surpluses from the 1994 World Cup, held in the United States. Beyond such grants and corporate support, the "North American Sand Soccer Championships" is the largest single source of Complex development revenues.

The state-of-the-art facility is now at full operating levels and includes an office/maintenance building, housing meeting areas, concession stands, rest rooms, and a medical training facility. Many additional upgrades are planned to ensure the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex remains one of the nation's premier sports facilities.

USASA Veterans Cup Video - 2015 at the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex, complements of USASA.